About Us 

Lead trainer - Simon Jackson

I have been a certified trainer of Assistive Technologies such as Dragon Professional software for 15 years now, and have trained people in a wide range of industries including the NHS, legal and large corporate organisations, as well as many higher education institutions. I am also a Nuance-accredited trainer of Dragon software, TextHelp-accredited trainer of Read&Write software, and a Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS 2013) as well as being a Fellow of the Learning & Performance Institute (LPI). As a technical and dyslexia assessor for the Government’s Access To Work programme for many years, I am familiar with the needs of people with a wide range of disabilities.

I am based in London and together with a team of highly experienced trainers, we train users across the UK. With over 24 years of IT experience I have a very good understanding of the demands of an office environment and can provide training on how to minimise keyboard and mouse use, and to increase efficiency. The average user can type up to 40 words per minute and yet speak at over 120 words per minute, and with Dragon 15 now having speech-to-text recognition accuracy up to 99%, its ideal software for those users who just want to save time.


Jean, Twickenham:
“made a technophobe feel very capable and his patience made it very easy to learn. Certainly knows his stuff!”
Victoria, Brighton:
"a very effective trainer, he really took the time to understand my needs of the software and remained patient throughout...a very competent trainer."
Michael, Lewisham:
"the trainer achieved a perfect synthesis of sensitivity in his approach to teaching and learning and comprehensive technical knowledge. I found the accessible notes delivered after each training session particularly helpful. The clear, hands on systematic approach was both encouraging and efficient. It was refreshing to have training delivered by a technical expert who also understands the learner’s needs.