One-to-one Dragon training 

We offer one-to-one training of Dragon NaturallySpeaking, and training can take place at either your home or place of work. Prior to training we can carry out an assessment as to your needs, to determine which version of Dragon NaturallySpeaking best suits you. To help you with this, feature comparison matrices are available on the Nuance website.

Training can be carried out in either half or full days, depending on your availability and needs. The first part of the course will teach you how to install and configure the software, create a voice file, dictate into and format documents, navigate around Windows and perform standard application operations such as opening / closing / saving documents or files.

Towards the end of the course we will look at using some of Dragon’s additional features such as the Command Browser and ‘roaming user’ options, as well as using standard Office applications such as Outlook and Excel.

For the intermediate / advanced user we can look at Advanced Scripting for creating macros, moving and backing up speech files, managing users and vocabularies, and a more detailed look at the configuration options of the software.

There are no prerequisites, although knowledge of either Microsoft Windows or macOS, as well as Microsoft Office applications will be an advantage. The training can of course be tailored to your specific needs.

Please feel free to contact us for more information or to confirm pricing & availability of these services, as fees depend on the level of training required. 

Dragon software features
Dragon enables users to speak to their computers and...
• Use popular office products to create e-mails, memos, letters, reports, spreadsheets or presentations quickly and accurately

• Increase your computer output, enabling you to get more work done on your computer in less time

• Perform all desktop operations such as opening/closing applications, navigating around the screen, running commands

• Create macros to perform multiple actions by speaking just one or two words

• Surf the Web – navigate around, check e-mail, complete online forms

• Provide computer access to those who are unable to use a mouse and/or keyboard

• Prevent users from developing or further aggravating upper limb disorders

Dragon Advanced Training

Advanced Dragon Training for experienced users or trainers is also available, and can be tailored to cover some or all of the following areas:

• User Management, Speech File Management and Vocabulary Management
• Dragon’s 'Options'
• Transcribe Recording feature
• Dragon errors, troubleshooting techniques and where to go for help
• Command Scripting; Text and graphics, Step-by-Step, Macro recording for the following:
   1. MS Excel and MS Word including advanced features
   2. MS Outlook, Lotus Notes, GroupWise
   3. All other applications
• Citrix compatibility
• Scripting - Advanced Scripting
• Microsoft Visual Basic and basic programming
• Script Management
• Associated software such as SayWhatPro

The training typically takes two days, but varies according to the knowledge of the trainee(s). If required, further days can be arranged to further examine the Dragon Advanced Scripting features, Language Extensions and Microsoft Visual Basic language.

If requested, focus can be placed on the training required for attending and passing the Dragon Certified Instructor (DCI) course and exam run by Nuance.

Please contact us for more details or information.