Training, Support and Computer
Problem Solving 

One-to-One Training, Support and Problem Solving


I have 24 years’ experience in IT, working mainly with Windows computers (laptops and desktops), but I also work with Macs, iPhones, iPads and Android tablets. Although I specialize in Assistive Technologies, I can provide one-to-one training either in person or remotely (using Zoom, Teams or similar) on a large number of topics which are listed at the bottom of this page. I can also help diagnose and in most cases fix computer problems, though some hardware issues may require a specialist repair service.

Training can be provided on any of the software packages listed at the bottom of this page, and more besides. Please just contact me if you’d like more information or to check on a particular piece of software. Training is one-to-one, which means we can go at the pace that suits you, whether you’re already an IT-whizz, or a bit of a technophobe, or somewhere in between. The training can take place at your home address if you live in the London area, or we can have a remote training session using software such as Zoom or Microsoft Teams.

Support can also be provided either remotely or at your home address, depending on where you live. Please contact me if you have a specific need, here are some typical requests:     
    • setting up a particular piece of software, e.g. Microsoft 365
    • setting up an email account, and accessing the account from multiple devices
    • using the Internet safely and privately; do you know what a cookie is, or a VPN, or a sandbox?

    • are you familiar with ‘private’ browsing, anti-malware, anti-spyware, or anti-adware?

    • backing up important files so they won’t get lost, e.g. photos, home videos, documents
    • Microsoft Windows updates
    • what to do if you get a virus or malware
    • setting up a new phone

Problem solving
If you are having problems with a particular piece of software, you are regularly receiving a particular error message, or you suspect you have a virus or malware, then I can help solve the problem.

During the pandemic I am limiting my travel, and so I am offering either remote training or local training (in the Kingston/Richmond area of London) for a discounted fee. There are no additional costs such as travel expenses, and VAT is not payable.

A training/support session typically lasts about two hours, but please contact me with your requirements and I can provide a quote.

Software packages
I can provide training and resolve problems on a large number of software packages including (but not limited to):

Microsoft Windows 10 & 11
• installation, settings and basic maintenance tips
• repairs and updates
• installing and removing software

Microsoft 365 (previously Microsoft Office):
• Word
• Excel - I’m a certified Excel Expert if you require advanced Excel training
• PowerPoint
• Outlook
• Teams
• Planner

Security and Protection:
• Anti-virus, anti-malware, anti-spyware, anti-adware
• VeraCrypt encryption software
• Sandboxie
• Password managers
• Torrents

Safe Web browsing:
• Google Chrome
• Microsoft Edge
• Mozilla Firefox
• Opera
• Internet Explorer

Cloud storage - backups, sharing and change management:
• OneDrive
• Dropbox
• Google Drive
• iCloud

• Audio/Video management software
• Audials
• Kodi

Communication software:
• Zoom
• Microsoft Teams
• Skype
• TeamViewer

Assistive Technologies:
Dragon Professional and Medical
TextHelp Read&Write
• Inspiration
• Dolphin Supernova
• ZoomText
• Olympus Sonority
• Sonocent AudioNotetaker
• Zotero

Backups and recovery:
• cloud-based options for backups
• hardware options for backups
• restoring a backup 

Smartphones and tablets - installing apps, maintenance, updates, AT features:
• Android tablets and smartphones
• iPads and iPhones

Website design, build and maintenance
• create your own website with free, easy-to-use software such as Mobirise
• how to buy a domain and web hosting
• upload (FTP) your website and maintain it 

Virtual machines:
• VMware
• VirtualBox

Programming - Python3 

An Introduction to Ethical Hacking aka Pentesting:
• Kali Linux
• Web hacking – nmap, nikto, gobuster, SQL injection, XSS
• Cryptography hacking – AES, RSA, ECC, Xor
• Password cracking – John the Ripper, Hashcat, Crunch
• Steganography – Steghide, Stegsolve, Steganabara, Stegseek
• Network sniffing and forensics – pcap analysis with Wireshark, dnspy, WinDbg
• Wi-Fi hacking – Wifite, aircrack-ng